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Kurt and Adam - Thinking Massive
April 29, 2018 Preslie Hirsch
The Hey Preslie Podcast

Kurt and Adam - Thinking Massive

April 29, 2018

Founders of Monolith, a lifestyle and apparel brand, Kurt Nortman (IG: @kurtnortman) and Adam Truszkowski (IG: @adam_thinks_massive) are building much more than a business. Their shared passion for encouraging like-minded individuals to form connections, and a vision of a more informed consumer in the health and fitness space, drives these best friends forward every day in their mission to create a movement.

In this interview, we start with how both Kurt and Adam left their full-time jobs in unrelated careers to pursue a bigger purpose, which ultimately becomes the company Monolith. They explain what Think Massive means, what it doesn’t mean (despite popular belief), and how those who truly resonate with the ideology have come out in extraordinary ways to express how the brand has changed their life. We also discuss how to make noise in a saturated market, especially when competing with those who offer quick fixes and false claims.

It’s a fun conversation full of insight and inspiration. Enjoy!

For more on Monolith (IG: @MonolithicLife) visit

Article mentioned in episode: A Janitor Invented Flamin' Hot Cheetos and Became A Pepsi Co Exec - CNBC.

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