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Bite-Size Sunday — Water Intake

June 02, 2018 Episode 8
The Hey Preslie Podcast
Bite-Size Sunday — Water Intake
The Hey Preslie Podcast
Bite-Size Sunday — Water Intake
Jun 02, 2018 Episode 8
Preslie Hirsch
Show Notes

This is the first installment of Bite-Size Sunday, a brief solo show where in 5-10 minutes, Preslie will cover a specific aspect of health and nutrition and give you tangible tips you can implement in your life today.

Today's episode is all about water and staying hydrated - why it matters, how much you need, and FIVE practical ways you can increase your intake.

Here's an overview, along with links mentioned in the episode:

Tip 1: Get a water bottle you love, like a Hydroflask or Yeti, and a straw attachment. Cover it with stickers you love, like this one!

Tip 2: Set alarms on your phone to remind you to drink water every 1-2 hours. And, create time or activity associations, such as drinking water every time you eat a meal/snack or when you're at a light while driving.

Tip 3: Increase slowly - build up your intake 5-10 ounces at a time, letting your bladder adjust in between, so you're not constantly running to the bathroom.

Tip 4: Set visual goals, such as checkboxes or marks to achieve throughout the day. Also, an app like Plant Nanny can help you stay motivated and on top of your intake.

Tip 5: Spice up your water with fresh cut produce such as berries, watermelon, lemon, lime, or mint leaves.

Hope you enjoy this one, and go get those sips in!

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