Taylor Wray and Tommy Mac - All Things Yoga

July 30, 2018 Episode 10
The Hey Preslie Podcast
Taylor Wray and Tommy Mac - All Things Yoga
The Hey Preslie Podcast
Taylor Wray and Tommy Mac - All Things Yoga
Jul 30, 2018 Episode 10
Preslie Hirsch
Show Notes

The power couple Taylor Wray (IG: @taylor_wrayyoga) and Tommy Mac ( @tommymacstoryteller) are changing the game in the world of yoga. Separately they have their own businesses, and together they combine those with their passions to form Livin in Flow ( @livininflow), an approachable, inclusive, fun way to experience and advance the mind-body connection.

In this interview, we talk all about the misconceptions people have about yoga, who it's for (you guessed it, everyone!), the benefits, you name it. Taylor and Tommy also recount the first yoga retreat they led in Costa Rica, where they got stranded on an island in a storm, and the takeaways they and the guests have from that once in a lifetime situation.

"People come to yoga for the physical practice, and end up leaving with so much more." — Taylor Wray

We also chat about:

• What meditation is and isn't (hint: it doesn't mean you just "stop thinking")

• The different styles of yoga

• What Taylor and Tommy have learned about creating events

• How to navigate working with your significant other

Resources from this episode:

- Livin in Flow YouTube channel

- Taylor Wray's Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) and retreats

- Tommy Mac Storyteller

Enjoy, and go get your yoga on!

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