The Hey Preslie Podcast

Exercise Your Right to Vote with Jamie Burt

September 18, 2018 Episode 13
The Hey Preslie Podcast
Exercise Your Right to Vote with Jamie Burt
The Hey Preslie Podcast
Exercise Your Right to Vote with Jamie Burt
Sep 18, 2018 Episode 13
Preslie Hirsch
Show Notes

In this episode I sat down with Jamie Burt, an energetic young woman who is making waves as an ambassador for theSkimm movement and campaign “No Excuses”, pushing to get more people (especially of the millennial population) to get out to the polls to vote this year. 

I wanted to share this episode with you because I believe overall health is all-encompassing, and includes things like being involved in your community and an advocate for things you're passionate about. This conversation is packed with tangible tips and practical information, but there is absolutely no political bias, media gossip, party discussions, etc. — it’s entirely focused on how you can make a difference in your area, and helping you better understand how your voice makes an impact and serves the greater good. Only positive vibes here, and a lot of knowledge. :) Please enjoy! 

Resources from this episode:

- theSkimm No Excuses campaign

- Commit with Jamie to vote

- Millennials in the Workplace video w/ Simon Sinek

- Details on Jamie’s Sip ‘n Skimm the Vote event in Tempe

- AZ Clean Elections

- Arizona Online Voter Registration

You can contact Jamie via email at or on Instagram @jamieburttt.

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