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Shelby Lawson - Let's Talk About Body Image
November 12, 2018 Preslie Hirsch
The Hey Preslie Podcast

Shelby Lawson - Let's Talk About Body Image

November 12, 2018

BloomFit Training (@bloomfittraining) allows fitness professionals to become Body Positive Coaches, and leads workshops for groups on all things body image. I got to sit down with the founder of BloomFit Training, Shelby Lawson (@shelbitheyogini), where she got candid about what led her to start the business and how this interest in starting conversations around a taboo topic that affects us all has become a full-blown mission.

In this episode, we also cover:

  • What body positivity is and isn’t
  • How body positivity differs from the “fat acceptance” movement 
  • The importance of talking about body image in the fitness space specifically 
  • How to navigate social situations when people are putting themselves down
  • And more! 

This conversation is so powerful, and I know it’s going to hit home for a lot of you. Please enjoy, and share with a friend who may benefit from hearing Shelby’s message as well. You can learn more about BloomFit Training (and workshops, certifications, and more) at

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