The Hey Preslie Podcast

Holiday Thrive Guide

November 24, 2018 Episode 16
The Hey Preslie Podcast
Holiday Thrive Guide
The Hey Preslie Podcast
Holiday Thrive Guide
Nov 24, 2018 Episode 16
Preslie Hirsch
Show Notes

Consider this episode a pep talk for the holidays. In this solo round, I start by helping you eliminate excuses for getting off track this time of year. In the second half, I’ll give you five concrete strategies for winning the next month, complete with tips + tricks that are applicable all year long.

This one is quick and to the point, and packed with ways to make you successful this December. 

Resources/links mentioned in this episode:

Five tips for staying on track this holiday season:

  1. Pre-eat; eat something nutritious before you go to events, out to run errands or go holiday shopping, etc.
  2. Plan ahead by bringing snacks with you when you’re out and about, looking up restaurant menus in advance, being prepared when you travel, being intentional with your alcohol consumption.
  3. Nail the basics like veggie intake, water consumption, sunlight exposure, consistent exercise, quality sleep, and so forth; click here for a blog post that expands more on crushing these habits.
  4. Manage sugar cravings - click here for strategies.
  5. Reduce stress levels through:

* I have no affiliation with Headspace and don’t receive compensation for the recommendation, I’m really just a fan. :)

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